I've been collecting Magic: The Gathering cards since 1994. I've tried a dozen different ways to track my collection.

None have worked for me.

This site is built with the entire of providing /me/ with a smooth way to enter and track my collection.

You can use it too.

I'll even look into adding features you'd like.

There are, and will probably always be, limitations based on how /I/ use the site. This is, and I recognize, an unfortunate reality of the intent of this site - For Me.

Given all that, I hope you can find some use in it.

I find it AMAZING, not because I built it; it's given me insight into MTG cards and sets that I had NO idea about. This has OPENED a world of MTG cards I was blind to... SO HAPPY!!!!

It is how I fluidly interact with MTG. That's the whole point of the site.

Couldn't Do Without

MtgJson is the reason this exists. They gave me the data for the first version of the site.

ScryFall is my source of data for this version of the site.